39230424 - portrait of a great egret (ardea alba) near clearwater florida

Words Matter.

This morning I watched a commentary on a popular news channel about the ongoing exchange between the media and the new U.S. administration with respect to accuracy in reporting and in citing facts.  My point, however is not political (so no need for ugly comments).  Rather, the commentary was a good reminder of the confusion and disdain that can be created when no thoughtful consideration is given before the mouth is opened or when people fail to think before they ink!


A not-so-happy New Year

People often found it humorous when I told them that my cat – Dusty, would come to me from anywhere when I whistled “Happy Birthday.”  The few times during her almost 19 years when she had escaped from her indoor life, I was always able to find her with a resounding whistle rendition of the tune.  Over the past year or so her sight and hearing diminished significantly and I was no longer able to entertain friends and family with her unique ability.

On New Year’s Day, Dusty’s border collie “step sister” let herself into the house from the backyard and with nobody noticing Dusty escaped.  All efforts to find her have been fruitless and as each day has passed, hope diminishes.

Over the past few days I’ve sat at my computer intending to pen another “Pawsitive Thought,” but none have come.  As grateful as I am to have had the blessing of Dusty in my life for nearly two decades, the pain of loss is simply too loud at the moment.

Today, give the pets and people in your life a little extra love.