10917007 - portrait detail of a sleeping norwegian forest kitten

Listen for the Purr

Dusty is an old cat now. She turned 18 on April 1, 2016.  She’s almost blind and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t hear well either.  When she’s in too much of a hurry (or startled by her border collie stepsister Flurry) she sometimes collides with a wall or door.  Most of the time she manages to find her food and  make her way around a pretty large house.

Dusty sleeps most of the time, but when I’m working she’s alert and wants to sit on my lap or keyboard.  Once and a while she purrs and I can still recognize the kitten face she once wore.

In a day and age where fear and divisiveness are stirred, it’s nice to PAWS and listen for the purr.