The Price of Freedom

Imagine if every blog post published had to be paid with the life of another human. No need for imagination. It has already happened.

For many Americans, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of Summer. With barbecue tools and pool toys in hand, every year millions travel during this weekend to getaway locations across the country.  It is a weekend to recreate and recharge. Sadly, the reason for the holiday will have been long forgotten or ignored by many.

Originally known as “Decoration Day,” the holiday was first established in 1868 to recognize soldiers who had fallen during the Civil War. As new wars were added to American history books, the holiday recognized all who had fallen in the defense of the country.  Over time, “Decoration Day” became known as Memorial Day.

Americans enjoy freedom unavailable to billions across the globe. For every prayer uttered in places of worship and every political post made on social media, someone died to pay for those freedoms.  Today, we remember.

#MemorialDay #RememberingTheFallen #Freedom #PawsitiveThoughts

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