You can do anything!

I wasn’t feeling well this morning and I managed to get my dog – Flurry and my cat – Dusty to leave me be so I could “sleep in” until 7 o’clock.  But I couldn’t hold them off forever.  Flurry would tell you that “a girl’s gotta go when a girl’s gotta go,” so in an I-don’t-feel-good haze, I opened the back door to let her out.  Much to all of our surprise, I set off the security alarm.

Dusty, who is hard of hearing and mostly blind, was inspired in the moment and managed to find a place to hide without running into any walls.  I ran the full length of the house to the alarm panel with Flurry by my side.  It was perhaps the first time ever that I’ve been able to keep up with her when she was off leash.

The alarm company called just moments after I disarmed the security system and I assured them everything was okay.

While my morning coffee brewed, I laughed to myself.  I thought about how while I was sprinting down the hallway, I did not think about one single thing except to get that alarm off … and I almost beat Flurry to the front door!  It was a good reminder that we can accomplish tremendous feats when we are highly motivated and singularly focused on a goal.

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